The Resources To Fight, The Experience To Win.

The lawyers at Gathings Law in Birmingham have spent more than 20 years protecting the rights of clients around Alabama. Lloyd Gathings founded Gathings Law on the basic concept that every person is entitled to receive the best representation and a level playing field when they enter the litigation arena. This remains the guiding principle of our firm today.  We believe that this client-first focus, together with the outstanding results we have achieved for our clients, is the foundation for our continued growth and success over the years. At Gathings Law, we are trial and litigation professionals ready to serve you. We have the resources to fight and the experience to win.

Personal Injury

The personal injury attorneys at Gathings Law have served as lead counsel on thousands of cases in Birmingham, across the state of Alabama, and around the nation. Gathings Law has obtained recoveries for its clients in excess of a million dollars, and some reaching into the multi-millions.

Divorce & Custody

Even a seemingly simple uncontested divorce can be stressful and can become complicated as people try to separate their lives and move forward. We are here to help make a difficult process as easy as possible.

Business Litigation

Lloyd Gathings is one of the foremost business litigation attorneys in the United States, standing up to companies as diverse as AOL, BP, insurance companies and many others.

Environmental Law

Gathings Law has worked on cases across Alabama where companies have damaged our communities through deliberate actions or through a disregard for the consequences of their production practices. The harmful impact these businesses have on the environment can be seen in the air, in the water, and in contaminated soil. If you have experienced this damage firsthand, let us discuss with you how we can protect your rights and how we can help force these polluters to clean up messes in your community.