Personal Injury Law

A serious accident or injury doesn’t just cause physical pain, it can be a life-changing event and require years of recovery and treatment. A catastrophic injury can devastate your life, your family, and rob you of your livelihood. If you or a loved one have suffered a head or brain injury, had damage to your spinal cord, suffered paralysis, lost a limb, or suffered any other type of life-changing damage, the attorneys at Gathings Law can help.

Serious personal injuries can also cause emotional problems for the victim and their family and cost enormous amounts of money to treat. The ongoing expense of taking care of the victims can be staggering and is always on the rise.

The attorneys at Gathings Law understand how serious personal injury cases are and appreciate all of the stress and problems they can bring. Our commitment to our clients is to go after the company or the people who caused your injury and hold them responsible for the problems they caused.

Whether your injury was caused by a car wreck, 18-wheeler accident, sports injuries, dangerous products, a work-related injury, or simply by the negligence of others, Gathings Law has the experience your case deserves. No matter the cause of the injury, the attorneys at Gathings Law can help.

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